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Our Video Library contains videos from some of the world's leading medical professionals. These video interviews will allow you to get a more in-depth understanding of many of the causes of childhood airway disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, and what parents can do to prevent or treat them.

Several of these medical professionals are on our Advisory Board and are published authors you can find our Recommended Reading List if you want to learn more about what they discuss in their video.

Why do we have crooked teeth when our ancestors didn’t? - G. Richard Scott

Why do we have crooked teeth when our ancestors didn’t? - G. Richard Scott

Explore the prevailing scientific theory of why crooked teeth and impacted wisdom teeth are recent developments in human evolution. -- According to the fossil record, ancient humans usually had straight teeth, complete with wisdom teeth. In fact, the dental dilemmas that fuel the demand for braces and wisdom teeth extractions today appear to be recent developments. So, what happened? While it’s nearly impossible to know for sure, scientists have a hypothesis. G. Richard Scott shares the prevailing theory on crooked teeth. Lesson by G. Richard Scott, directed by Igor Coric, Artrake Studio. Support Our Non-Profit Mission ---------------------------------------------- Support us on Patreon: Check out our merch: ---------------------------------------------- Connect With Us ---------------------------------------------- Sign up for our newsletter: Follow us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Peep us on Instagram: ---------------------------------------------- Keep Learning ---------------------------------------------- View full lesson: Dig deeper with additional resources: Animator's website: Music: ---------------------------------------------- Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Vanessa Graulich, Vandana Gunwani, Abdulmohsin Almadi, AJ Lyon, Geoffrey Bultitude, Mi Mi, Thomas Rothert, Brian Elieson, Oge O, Weronika Falkowska, Nevin Spoljaric, Sid Chanpuriya, Anoop Varghese, David Yastremski, Noah Webb, Roberto Chena, Oliver Koo, Luke Pisano, Andrea Gordon, Aleksandar Donev, Nicole Klau Ibarra, Jesse Lira, Ezekiel Raui, Petr Vacek, Dennis, Olivia Fu, Kari Teffeau, Cindy Lai, Rajath Durgada Manjunath, Dan Nguyen, Chin Beng Tan, Tom Boman, Karen Warner, Iryna Panasiuk, Aaron Torres, Eric Braun, Sonja Worzewski, Michael Clement, Adam Berry, Ghaith Tarawneh, Nathan Milford, Tomas Beckett, Alice Ice, Eric Berman, Kurt Paolo Sevillano, Jennifer Heald, Megulo Abebe, isolwi, Kate Sem and Ujjwal Dasu.

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sleep apnea in children
Savvy Sparks


The Girl That Started a Mission

Savvy was a bright, energetic girl who began having focus issues, weakness, and exhaustion. Unfortunately, no one knew why...because no one looked for the signs.


Our recommended reading list is good for both medical professionals and parents


Blogs and newsletters with the latest in childhood airway disorders and prevention.


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