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Our Video Library contains videos from some of the world's leading medical professionals. These video interviews will allow you to get a more in-depth understanding of many of the causes of childhood airway disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, and what parents can do to prevent or treat them.

Several of these medical professionals are on our Advisory Board and are published authors you can find our Recommended Reading List if you want to learn more about what they discuss in their video.

know a video?

Have you found a video interview or TED Talk that you think would benefit others in the CAFF community?


Send us a note and let us know all the details about the video!

We will happily take a look at the video and, if it supports the CAFF Mission and Vision, we will add it to our video library and make it easily accessible to others.

sleep apnea in children
Savvy Sparks


The Girl That Started a Mission

Savvy was a bright, energetic girl who began having focus issues, weakness, and exhaustion. Unfortunately, no one knew why...because no one looked for the signs.

CAFF YouTube Podcast_May 2024 (1).png


Miss an episode or want to hear it again? You can now catch the award-nominated Airway First podcast on the Children's First Foundation's YouTube channel!


Plus, CAFF has also compiled a library of educational children's airway and sleep related videos for parents and medical professionals.  


Our recommended reading list is good for both medical professionals and parents


Blogs and newsletters with the latest in childhood airway disorders and prevention.


Our library of checklists, guides, and research on childhood airway disorders and prevention


Where parents can begin their journey by finding health providers, education & support

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