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Our mission & vision

Airway Management


To ensure every child has access to screening, evaluation, and treatment of all children's airway disorders prior to six years of age 


To end the global epidemic of children's airway disorders.



  • This is a global epidemic.   

  • There is very little awareness of children’s airway disorders among parents and medical/dental providers. 

  • Pediatric dentists, pediatricians, general dentists, and general practitioners need to be taught to diagnose children’s airway disorders.

  • Behavioral i.e., ADD, ADHD, and sleep-related issues can be ameliorated through appropriate airway treatment.

  • Prevention saves lives, pain, and suffering and dramatically improves the quality of life.

  • Innovation will require multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Resources are limited and current treatment is inaccessible to most.

  • Treatments that shrink the oral cavity must be avoided.  Treatments must be airway-centric.

  • Insurance does not understand and cover the treatment of airway disorders.

  • Multi-media/internet/compelling documentary for public health campaign required to increase awareness and appropriate action.



  • Provide documentation for an understanding of this global epidemic.

  • Articulate economic and quality of life case for early prevention and treatment of children’s airway health disorders.

  • Develop inexpensive and effective screening tools.

  • Convince insurers to cover identification, evaluation, and treatments of airway disorders.

  • Teach dental and medical students the importance of diagnosing airway disorders early.

  • Work with psychologists on potential diagnostic overshadowing for airway disorder mood and behavioral concerns.

  • Establish Centers of Excellence for complex cases.

  • Establish a standard of care for diagnosed airway disorders.

  • Convince medical/dental schools to develop and teach an integrated curriculum to address children’s airway disorders.

  • Establish regional education centers for current providers with tele-med reinforcement.

  • Create multi-media/internet compelling documentary public health campaign.

  • Gain the support and involvement of the ADA, AMA, AAP, ANMA, CDC, WHO, International organizations and luminaries, etc.

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Your donation allows the Children's Airway First Foundation to continue our mission of education and prevention of pediatric airway disorders.

The Children's Airway First Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization | IRS EIN 86-2254672

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