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Our Podcast Library contains podcasts from some of the world's leading medical professionals. These interviews will allow you to get a more in-depth understanding of many of the causes of childhood airway disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, and what parents and pediatric medical professionals can do to prevent or treat them.

Below we've listed every episode from our own podcast series, Airway First, as well as episodes from other podcast shows that we think provide information parents and medical professionals need to hear about airway and sleep issues.

Several of these medical professionals are on our Advisory Board and are published authors you can find our Recommended Reading List if you want to learn more about what they discuss in their interview.


Podcast from the Children's Airway First Foundation

Season 1 Episodes:

Airway First with Guests Candy and Brad Sparks
Airway First with Guest Emma Cooksey

Airway First Podcast

Parent to Parent: An Interview with

Brad and Candy Sparks


Airway First Podcast

Sleep Apnea and Growing Up Mouth Breathing with Our Guest, Emma Cooksey


Airway First with Guest Lauren Ruffrage, SLP
Airway First with Guest Karese Laguerre

Airway First Podcast

Myofunctional Disorders and Therapy with

our Guest, Lauren Ruffrage, SLP


Airway First Podcast

Parent's Guide to Myofunctional Therapy with Our Guest, Karese Laguerre


Airway First with Guest Dr. Steven Hall

Airway First Podcast

What is Healing? with Our Guest,

Dr. Steven Hall


Airway First with Guest Kajsa Bradley

Airway First Podcast

Journey Through Sleep Apnea and Mental Health with Our Guest, Kajsa Bradley


Airway First with Guest Dr. Steve Carstensen

Airway First Podcast

Airways and Dental Sleep Medicine with Our Guest,

Dr. Steve Carstensen, DDC


Airway First with Guest Autumn Henning

Airway First Podcast

Orofacial Development throughout the Lifespan with Our Guest, Autumn Henning


Season 2 Episodes:

Airway First with Guest Dr. Tasha Truzo

Airway First Podcast

Airway is a Consequence of the Functioning of the Face with

our Guest, Dr. Tasha Truzo


Airway First with Guest Dr. David McIntosh

Airway First Podcast

Part I: Airway, Sleep, and the Brain, with Our Guest,  Dr. David McIntosh


Airway First with Guest Cris Duval, RDH

Airway First Podcast

Who Are You Going to be For Your Patients? with Our Guest, Cris Duval


Airway First with Guest Dr. David McIntosh

Airway First Podcast

Part II: Airway, Sleep, and the Brain, with Our Guest, Dr. David McIntosh


Airway First with Guest Dr. Becky Andrews

Airway First Podcast

Food, Environment and Health with Our Guest, Dr. Becky Andrews, ND, LAc


Airway First Podcast with Catherine Anderson

Airway First Podcast

Living with Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis with Our Guest, Catherine Anderson


Airway First with Guest Dr. Kevin Boyd

Airway First Podcast

Anthropological Impacts on the Modern Child's Airway with Our Guest, Dr. Kevin Boyd, DDS


Airway First with Guests Dr. Meghna Dassani

Airway First Podcast

Whole-body Approach to Dentistry, Airway, and Sleep Medicine with Our Guest, Dr. Meghna Dassani


Airway First with Guests Dr. Ben Miraglia

Airway First Podcast

Parent's Guide to Airway Dentistry with Our Guest, Dr. Ben Miraglia


Season 3 Episodes:

Airway First with Guests Brittany Bailey

Airway First Podcast

The Emotional and Mental Elements of Proper Breathing with our Guest, Brittany Bailey


Airway First with Dr Michael Gelb

Airway First Podcast

Airway Trumps Everything Else in Dentistry with our Guest, Dr. Michael Gelb


Airway First with Guests Kelley Richardson

Airway First Podcast

A Mom's Journey to Find Answers for Her Son with our Guest, Kelley Richardson


Airway First with Dr Felix Liao

Airway First Podcast

Mind, Body, Mouth, Airway for Whole Health with our Guest, Dr. Felix Liao


Airway First with Guests Daniel Drew

Airway First Podcast

Speech Therapy, Breathing, and Exercise with our Guest, Daniel Drew


Airway First Year in Review 2022 Part 1

Airway First Podcast

Special Episode: 2022 Year in Review (Part 1)


Airway First with James Nestor

Airway First Podcast

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art with our Guest, James Nestor


Airway First Podcast a Year in Review

Airway First Podcast

Special Episode: 2022 Year in Review (Part 2)


Season 4 Episodes:

Airway First with Guests Dr. Shereen Lim

Airway First Podcast

Teaching Your Child to Breathe, Sleep, and Thrive with our Guest, Dr. Shereen Lim


SEC Sleep Conference

Airway First Podcast

SEC Sleep Conference, with our guests Dr. Jerald Simmons and Dr. Kevin Boyd


Airway First with Guests Dr. Funk Afolabi-Brown

Airway First Podcast

The Epidemic of Teen Sleep Deprivation with our Guest, Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown


Brittny Murphy on Airway First podcast

Airway First Podcast

A Parent's Guide to Myofunctional Therapy with our guest Brittny Murphy


Airway First with Guests Dr. William Harrell

Airway First Podcast

Achieving Anatomical Truth in Airway Diagnosis and Treatment with our Guest, Dr. William Harrell


Dr Darius Loghmanee on Airway First Podcast

Airway First Podcast

A Call for Medical Collaboration in Childn's Health with our guests Dr. Darius Loghmanee and Dr. Kevin Boyd


Airway First with Patrick McKeown

Airway First Podcast

The Critical Importance of Proper Breathing with our Guest, Patrick McKeown


Dr Tina Roakadia on Airway First Podcast

Airway First Podcast

International View on Poor Sleep and Mouth Breathing with our guest Dr. Tina Rokadia


Season 5 Episodes:

Dr Susan Maples on the Airway First Podcast

Airway First Podcast

Healthy Children and Brave Parents with our Guest, Dr. Susan Maples



Airway First Podcast

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy & Pediatric Physical Therapy with our Guest, Elizabeth Morel


Airway First Podcast Guest
Compromised Airways in Children Podcast with Candy Sparks
Feel Better, Live More Podcast
beyond brushing podcast
Breathe Easy Podcast

Sleep Apnea Stories Podcast

Compromised Airways in Children

(an interview with Candy Sparks)


Good Health Begins with the Mouth

Dr. Steven Lin


Sleep Wrecked Kids (Part I)

Sharon Moore


Sleep Issues in Children

Breathe Easy Podcast

BBS Podcast with James Nestor Breath
beyond brushing podcast with Sharon Moore

BBC Podcast

The Lost Art of Breathing


Sleep Wrecked Kids (Part II)

Sharon Moore


The Brain Architects podcast episode

The Brain Architects Podcast

Harvard University: Center on the Developing Child

What Your Mouth has to Say About Health

40+ Fitness Podcast

What Your Mouth Has to Say About Your Health with Dr. Kami Hoss


Have you found a podcast or know a guest with a story that you think would benefit others in the CAFF community?


Send us a note and let us know all the details about the podcast or guest!

We will happily check it out and, if it supports the CAFF Mission and Vision, we incorporate the podcast into our resource library or reach out to the guest.

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