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There is quite a bit out there on the subject of childhood airway disease prevention. To help guide your reading research, we've pulled together our list of recommended books.

These books are written by some of the top medical professionals and cover everything from breathing, diet, and dental symptoms and guidance on how to improve these conditions. They are great resources for professionals as well, as they further support the idea that pediatricians and pediatric dentists should work in conjunction with children's overall health management.

Baby Settler Book
Six-Foot Tiger Book
ADHA 2.0 Book
Breath by James Nestor
GASP Airway Health
Tongue Tied Book
The Seven Tools of Healing
Sleep Wrecked Kids
Sleep Apnea in Children
Airway is Life
Jaws The Story of a Hidden Epidemic
The Breathing Cure
Why We Sleep
Brave Parent by Susan Maples
If Your Mouth Could Talk by Kami Hoss
The ALF Approach
Breathe, Sleep, Thrive
The Clinician's Handbook for Dental Sleep Medicine
The Very Stuff Nose
The Oxygen Advantage
The Dental Diet
Early Sirens
The First 1,000 Days
The Tired Child Airway book
The Fibromyalgia TMJ Connection Book
Empowered Sleep Apnea
Is Your Tongue Killing You?
Your Child's Best Face
Mom's in the Trenches
Dear Momma by Dr. Catherine Murphy
Captain IFBI
Smile: It's All Connected

Have you found a book or author that you found information that isn't on our list? Let us know! We would be happy to review it and add it to either our Recommended Reading List or our general resources library.

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