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The Children's Airway First Foundation has created a catalog of resources designed to help facilitate communication between parents and medical professionals and to help spread the word about airway awareness. These resources can be used in offices to foster communication with parents and in training to help educate other medical professionals.


Our catalog includes elements that support our Fix Before Six and #AirwayMamaBear campaigns. These campaigns focus on parent education and the collaboration of pediatric medical professionals to identify and fix treatable airway and sleep issues in children before the age of six in order to prevent long-term health impacts.

CAFF Sleep and Airway Brochure

Sleep and Airway Brochure

The brochure makes it easy for medical professionals to talk to parents about potential pediatric airway and sleep issues.

ESA Sleep Satisfaction Brochure

ESA Sleep Satisfaction Brochure

The brochure makes it easy for medical professionals to talk to parents about potential pediatric airway and sleep issues.

Airway health and development

Parent's Guide to Airway Health

The brochure provides basic terminology and guidelines to help foster conversations and increase parent understanding.

How is your child breathing?

How Is Your Child Breathing?

The brochure provides basic information on SDB and signs and symptoms for parents to look for in their children.

signs of sleep disordered breathing

Signs of SDB Mini-Poster

The mini-poster is perfect for waiting and examination rooms. It alerts parents to the signs of sleep-disordered breathing.

Emotional Impacts of Airway Disorders

Emotional Impacts Poster

The poster focuses on the emotional impacts of airway disorders. It's an excellent educational piece for exam rooms.


CAFF Information Cards

The CAFF information cards make it easy to spread the word about CAFF with parents.

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AirwayMamaBear Tumbler

Show your support and spread airway awareness with the #AirwayMamaBear 20 oz. tumbler.

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AirwayMamaBear Sweatshirt

Join the movement and spread the word about children's airway health with the #AirwayMamaBear sweatshirt.

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AirwayMamaBear Stickers

Spread the word about children's airway and sleep health with our #AirwayMamaBear stickers.

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