Children with airway disorders often have identifiable symptoms. Unfortunately, too many children are not seeing pediatricians and pediatric dentists before the age of six, and far too many pediatricians and pediatric dentists are not looking for the signs and symptoms. 

There is a silent epidemic weaving its way throughout the children of the world. Sleep issues, an inability to focus or concentrate, lack of energy, and even depression are all symptoms that can be traced back to childhood airway disorders. If caught and treated early enough, the pain and suffering a child experiences can be avoided. Without identification and treatment, a child suffering from an airway disorder will experience pain, exhaustion, mental issues, and even death.

That's why the Children's Airway First Foundation (CAFF) was established. We are on a mission to ensure that both parents and professionals become educated on the causes of childhood airway disorders, the signs and symptoms to look for, and what treatment options are available. 

Over 400-million children worldwide suffer from preventable compromised airways. Your donation is key to providing the education, programs, and support systems families and medical professionals need to beat this silent epidemic.

Children's Airway First Foundation


CAFF has created a growing library of resources to help educate and support parents and professionals.

We are continually researching, interviewing, and developing support materials on the topic of children's airway disorders in an effort to provide both parents and medical professionals with the tools they need to be successful in beating this silent epidemic. 

Your support will ensure that we are able to continue to fund our educational programming efforts.

CAFF is dedicated to supporting professional research, education, training, and breakthrough diagnostic tools for screening, evaluating, and treating children with airway disorders before the age of six to prevent systemic damage to their brains and bodies.  

Through education, training, and support programs for both parents and medical professionals, CAFF is driven to end the global epidemic of children's airway disorders.