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Welcome to the Children's Airway First Foundation, a beacon of hope and support for parent's of children facing airway and sleep-related challenges. Founded in light of courageous journey of Savvy Sparks, this 501(c)(3) organization in Austin stands as a pillar of advocacy and awareness for parents around the world. Uniting parents and healthcare professionals, the foundation is on a dedicated mission to prioritize children's airway and sleep health while providing education, compassion, and empowerment to parents.

Children's airway disorders


How could a bright, energetic child suddenly become weak, unfocused, and depressed? How could she continue to be misdiagnosed for so long?

Savvy's heroic story is why the Children's Airway First Foundation was established. Had the various medical professionals working with her been trained to look for the signs of children's airway and sleep disorders, she would not only would not have had suffered for so long...but it could have been spotted and resolved at birth.

Candy Sparks and Brad Sparks
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Your donation allows the Children's Airway First Foundation to continue our mission of education and prevention of pediatric airway disorders.

The Children's Airway First Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization | IRS EIN 86-2254672

children's airway disorders
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