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Taking on the challenge of children's airway health is a daunting task. To help achieve our goal of educating pediatric professionals, educators, and parents, the Children's Airway First Foundation is working and collaborating with Airway Health Solutions, Empowered Sleep Apnea, the Sleep Education ConsortiumThe LifeGuard Approachthe Airway Revolution, WellSpoken, the Foundation for Airway Health, the AAMS, AOSH, Airway Circle, and the AAPMD.

How does our collaboration make sense? Well, in 2017, the American Dental Association (ADA) acknowledged the connection between dental health and sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD). Additionally, the ADA outlined the role pediatric dentists play in treating SRBD (kid's sleep issues) as over 90% of children with crooked teeth or malocclusion have compromised breathing. Thus, pediatric dentists and hygienists are on the frontline of being able to identify a child with potential airway issues --- potentially preventing life-long health problems. 


It is this holistic approach to pediatric medicine (dentists, hygienists, speech therapists, nurses, and pediatricians working together) that fosters the connection that brings our four unique organizations together. Together we are creating a stronger understanding of children's airway health, developing education for pediatric medical professionals, and driving the mission for eradicating childhood airway and sleep disorders.

By pooling our combined resources, expertise, and knowledge, we are able to create stronger campaigns and educational efforts to impact a long-term, positive change in children's health...ending the silent epidemic currently affecting 400-million children globally.


While we are united in our goal of eradicating children's airway disorders and educating pediatric professionals, we continue to operate as four separate organizations. You can find out more about each organization on our Working Together pages and stay up-to-date on our joint ventures and events.

Well Spoken Upper Airway
Airway Revolution
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Airway Health Solutions, a leader in dental education and consulting, specializes in providing dental providers with solutions for sleep-breathing disorders through interceptive and expansive orthodontics. 

Airway Health Solutions


Empowered Sleep Apnea is focused on patient-centered medicine which focuses on helping individual patients navigate their personal healthcare narratives, on their own terms, using science and evidence-based medicine as a guiding light. Together, we are working to educate and empower parents along their sleep and airway journey.


sleep education consortium

It is now recognized that sleep disorders affect at least one third of the society on some level. It is also now recognized that obstructive breathing during sleep, which causes snoring, is interrelated to the jaw and tongue position during sleep. This is why we are dedicated to providing educational opportunities for medical professionals and the general public on sleep and sleep disorders.



The LifeGuard Approach™ believes that it's time for dental hygienists and other dental professionals to change their mindset when it comes to patient health. It's time to become active LifeGuards in both the overall proactive and preventative medical treatments for our patients.

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