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Updated: May 22

Episode 22 of the Airway First podcast is now out! You can catch it on SoundCloud, Podbean, Anchor, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

My guest today is Dr. Michael Gelb --- Dr. Michael Gelb is a world-renowned inventor, lecturer, NYU professor, and author of the best-selling book GASP: Airway Health - The Hidden Path to Wellness. Known for his breakthrough work in TMJ, airway-centered disorders, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, and chronic headache treatments, Dr. Gelb has pioneered and coined Airway Centric® dentistry and is transforming lives at scale by helping people feel and breathe better.

Dr. Gelb is featured in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, CBS, CNN, Women’s Day, The Globe & Mail, and ABC News, to name a few. A board member and chair of the Development Committee for the Airway Revolution Foundation and A co-founder of The Foundation for Airway Health, The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry, and The Gelb Institute, Dr. Gelb is an entrepreneur, a mentor to many, and inspiration to all, with a mission to transform and save millions of lives through Airway Centric® dentistry.

Dr. Gelb is a graduate of Tufts University and Columbia University and is the son of Dr. Harold Gelb, who pioneered TMJ treatments --- linking it to the rest of the body.

You can find out more about Dr. Gelb at

Your teeth are the scafolding that support your airway. ~ Dr. Michael Gelb

Show Notes:

  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor: Link to Book

  • Sleep Wrecked Kids: Helping Parents Raise Happy, Healthy Kids, One Slee at a Time, by Sharon Moore: Link to Book

  • Breathe, Sleep, Thrive: Discover How Airway Health Can Unlock Your Child's Greater Health, Learning, and Potential, by Dr. Shereen Lim: Link to Book

  • GASP: Airway Health - The Hidden Path to Wellness, by Dr. Michael Gelb: Link to Book


Accomplished, by Karese Laguerre

The Airway Centric® Model prevents Airway-Centered Disorders, Sleep-Disordered Breathing to maintain mental and physical health. Learn how to recognize and correct Airway-Centered Disorders, Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Gasp is about our airway, breathing and sleep.

Problems can start at birth. Many premature babies are mouth breathers. A poorly structured and functioning airway leads to mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea; it can interfere with restorative sleep and ultimately damage the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, which controls executive function skills, attentiveness, anxiety and depression.

Learn how to restore an ideal airway with early intervention, and where to go for help. Learn how once the airway is established with breastfeeding, allergy treatment, and other methods, neurocognitive and neurobehavioral problems are greatly improved—often without any medication. Anxiety and depression are alleviated, and the behavior and performance of children are remarkably transformed.

Today there is a health movement toward “Wellness.” Wellness is about diet and nutrition, exercise, and mental attitude. The new paradigm is called “Functional Medicine.” It addresses the causes of chronic disease with an individualized approach and emphasizes early intervention. It restores the balance amongst functional systems and the networks that connect them. The missing link is airway, breathing, and sleep. If we don’t breathe well when we sleep, 1/3 of our life is affected. Gasp describes the impact of a narrowed airway from cradle to grave.

Every day, we encounter fatigued patients with chronic headaches and neck pain. They have difficulty concentrating; they suffer with GI problems from acid reflux to irritable bowel syndrome. They range from thin women to men who have put on a few pounds. And you do not have to be obese to have an airway problem. Many of our younger patients with ADHD and airway issues have little body fat. Time after time we see that once the airway is opened during the day and maintained during sleep, the transformation is quick and dramatic. Breathing is life.

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