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As 2021 comes to a close, many of us are looking for organizations and charitable foundations to support with our end-of-the-year financial donations. Children's Airway First Foundation is hoping you'll consider us as one of your options during this giving season.

Children's Airway First history

From the moment she was born in 2009, Brad and Candy Sparks knew that their daughter, Savvy, was different. She was a brilliant, happy, beautiful young girl, but she began experiencing health issues that eluded doctors for more than a decade. Savvy had an underlying airway disorder that should have been identified at birth. Had this occurred, she would have avoided years of health issues, painful treatments, and long-term health impacts.

There are many children all over the world that suffer from craniofacial anomalies and other symptoms that impact their ability to sleep and breathe well. Many of these symptoms can be identified at birth or before the age of six years old.

Eventually, those children who do not receive treatment will suffer from systemic conditions that harm their brains and bodies and lower their life expectancies. Others develop these problems from living in homes with poor hygiene or environments with many toxins.

This is the reason that Brad and Candy Sparks established the Children's Airway First Foundation. They have made it their personal mission to ensure that every child has access to screening, evaluation, and treatment of all children's airway disorders prior to the age of six. Children's Airway First Foundation is on a mission to ensure that the more than 400-million children globally live happy and healthy childhoods and do not have to endure a similar medical journey to Savvy's.

Children's Airway First Action Plan

Tackling the issue of children's airway health is a colossal undertaking with the health of more than 400-million children in jeopardy. We have identified three major avenues of focus that will guide our healthcare revolution in 2022:

  1. Change the Definition of Healthcare

  2. Improve the Approach to Healthcare

  3. Empower and Educate Parents

These endeavors will help to secure a healthy future for hundreds of millions of children who might not otherwise have that chance without your contribution.

Support Children's Airway First

As you make your considerations for your end-of-year holiday charitable giving, we hope you will consider giving to the Children's Airway First foundation. Your donation will help us dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of children who suffer from avoidable and treatable childhood airway and sleep disorders.

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