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The brand new Sleep and Airway Brochure from the Children's Airway First Foundation is now out! The brochure makes it easy for medical professionals to talk to parents about potential pediatric airway and sleep issues.

Children's Airway First Foundation Brochure

Our new brochure supports pediatric professionals by helping to guide the conversation with parents about pediatric airway and sleep issues:

  • Signs and Symptoms - Explains the most common signs and symptoms of untreated airway and sleep issues in children

  • Mental Health Impacts - Opens the conversation on how airway disorders and sleep issues can impact a child's mental health

  • Sleep Positions - Helps parents understand how certain sleeping positions are actually a sign of a potential undiagnosed airway issue

  • Questions During Sleep - A quick diagnostic checklist for parents to use when monitoring children at night to evaluate a possible sleep issue

The new sleep and airway brochure is our first resource designed to help facilitate communication between parents and medical professionals. It is also part of our Fix Before Six campaign. This campaign focuses on parent education and the collaboration of pediatric medical professionals to identify and fix treatable airway and sleep issues in children before the age of six in order to prevent long-term health impacts.

Contact the Children's Airway First Foundation to order the Sleep and Airway Brochure for your office!

Contact the Children's Airway First Foundation

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