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Updated: Jan 27, 2022

No one knows your children better than you, which is why parents are the first line of defense in children's oral-facial airway health. Here is a quick checklist you can use to evaluate your child to see if they might be at risk of a possible airway disorder.

While your child is sitting watching tv or in the car, does your child:
  • Suck on his or her lips?

  • Breath with an open mouth?

  • Hold his or her tongue between their teeth?

  • Make noise while breathing?

  • Have a hard time sitting still?

While your child eats, does your child:
  • Stop breathing through the mouth between mouthfuls?

  • Stick his or her tongue out when swallowing or drinking?

  • Make a lot of noise while chewing?

  • Take breaths while drinking?

While your child speaks, does your child:
  • Talk too fast or too slowly?

  • Stop speaking to breathe through his or her mouth?

  • Have a lisp?

While your child sleeps, does your child:
  • Sleep with his or her mouth open?