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Updated: May 14

Episode 35 of the Airway First podcast is now out! You can catch this and all other episodes on Apple, SoundCloud, Podbean, RSS, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Airway First Podcast with Dr. Susan Maples

My guest today is Elizabeth Morel. Elizabeth is a New Jersey-based physical therapist focusing on moms and babies. Through Little Movers PT she offers low-pressure fitness for moms, pediatric physical therapy, and craniosacral therapy.

Elizabeth holds a Master's of Physical Therapy from the University of Scranton. She has a background in special education preschool-based physical therapy services, outpatient pediatric services, women's health via hypopressives, and craniosacral therapy.

You can find out more about Elizabeth at

Breastfeeding can actively shape the palate in real time. ~ Elizabeth Morel

Show Notes:

Children's Airway First Foundation Resource Library

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