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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Episode 20 of the Airway First podcast is now out! You can catch it on SoundCloud, Podbean, Anchor, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Daniel was raised in Dover, Delaware. He returned to the area to practice speech therapy after obtaining his Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from MGH Institute of Health Profession. With 10 years of experience, Daniel is versed in a variety of settings including school-based speech therapy, outpatient pediatrics, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and acute care settings. Daniel treats patients at the Center for Airway and Facial Development and Pain and Sleep Therapy Center in Newark, Delaware. He is also a Speech-Language Pathologist at Bayhealth Medical Center in Dover, Delaware.

Daniel evaluates and treats myofunctional disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, swallowing deficits, receptive and expressive language delays/disorders, and articulation/phonological disorders. Daniel works in conjunction with a triple board-certified dentist and TMJ specialist, Dr. Ryan Robinson, in preparing clients for functional frenuloplasty procedures. During the initial Covid-19 pandemic, Daniel saw many of his clients in the hospital setting were having difficulty meeting their speech and swallowing goals due to high anxiety, pain, and stress. He implemented various breathing exercises in his speech therapy sessions in order to help his clients better participate in their inpatient rehab programs. This led to him becoming certified in the Buteyko Breathing Method. Daniel’s strong desire to learn and broaden his knowledge has brought him back to the pediatric setting after years of work in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in order to pursue Myofunctional Therapy with adults and children at the Center for Airway and Facial Development in Newark, Delaware. His foundation as a medical speech-language pathologist makes him uniquely suited to address common problems that are associated with Myofunctional Disorders. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys reading new research in sleep/breathing science, long-distance running, and weightlifting.

You can find out more about Daniel at and follow him on Instagram at mr_myo302.

Many times it all comes back to breathing and the airway. How are we going to speak well if we can't breathe well? ~ Daniel Drew, MS, CCC-SLP

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