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The Children's Airway First Foundation attends, presents, and sponsors several airway and sleep conference and educational events around the world.


These workshops are prime opportunities for professionals in the airway and sleep sector to collaborate and exchange insights. As an airway foundation that prioritizes collaboration, we eagerly anticipate engaging with fellow experts to share ideas and foster advancements in pediatric airway and sleep health.


Through these various events, the Children's Airway First Foundation aims to contribute to the collective knowledge and promote the well-being of children by emphasizing teamwork and cooperation within the healthcare community.

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Inspiration by Integration 2024

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the critical role of airway health in childhood development. This practical course equips healthcare professionals with essential skills for screening, referral, and team management of sleep and airway issues in children. Gain confidence in engaging with families and expect actionable insights that can be immediately applied in your daily practice.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, Australia

August 30-31, 2024

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Collaboration Cures 2024

Collabroation Cures 2024, the in-person educational, networking, and celebratory experience that is pioneering the standards for collaborative healthcare. Practitioners attend the Collaboration Cures Conferences to expand their knowledge, learn to collaborate and implement better care. They have awakened to the role they can and must play to prevent and reverse chronic disease, and they are sought after by patients in increasing numbers who desire to understand the causes and to seek durable care solutions.

Gran Sierra Resort and Casino - Reno, Nevada

September 12-14, 2024

Airway Palooza 2025

Airway Palooza 2025

Get ready for the most anticipated airway event of 2025 - AIRWAY PALOOZA... on the Beach! Get ready to dive into the future of airway health with an incredible lineup of expert speakers. You'll learn the latest advancements in airway health and wellness, gaining insights that will benefit both you and your patients.

The Westin - Fort Lauderdale

October 17-18, 2025

Blue Dots
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