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Our message is clear --- mouth breathing is not okay! However, too many parents and medical professionals dismiss it as a nonissue.


May 2022 | Issue 5

We are excited to be celebrating our first anniversary! In honor of our first CAFF-iversary, we want to thank you all for supporting us and helping us in our mission to raise awareness and end the global epidemic of childhood airway disorders.

CAFF January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 | Issue 3

airway awareness

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April 2022 | Issue 4

Children's Airway First Foundation has launched our 2022 Airway Awareness Project promoting our mission of educating parents and medical professionals as we put an end to children's airway disorders.

December 2021 | Issue 2

Wrapping up 2021

Our first public issue of Airway First, the Children's Airway First Foundation Monthly Newsletter closed out our inaugural year and laid the groundwork for the areas of focus ahead in the coming year.

CAFF December 2021 Newsletter


Our recommended reading list is good for both medical professionals and parents


Blogs and newsletters with the latest in childhood airway disorders and prevention.


A collection of interviews of some of the best medical pediatric airway specialists 


Our library of articles, guides, and research on childhood airway disorders and prevention